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Return Policy

Uvaper Return Policy


Everything shipped from UVAPER will always have a tracking number. You can track your orders via the tracking number and if you believe your package to be missing or delayed please use the information below to answer any questions you may have.





We act as your liaison between you and the manufacturer to assist you in processing your returns.  We ask that you provide all of the prudent information outlined below in order for us to assist you with any “Dead-On-Arrival” (DOA) products.

> Uvaper sales order number or invoice number

> Detailed reason(s) why you believe the item is DOA/defective

> List of items you are sending   


> Complete the RMA form here


Here is a list of items that can or cannot be accepted


Common reasons that a return is delayed or not accepted:

> No RMA form or defective reasons

> Missing original product sleeve that contains the scratch-off code

> Products were not sent in within 3 weeks after it has been approved for return

> Manufacturers who process their returns

> Not covered by Uvaper return policy (see below)

> Discounted items are final sale


Not covered by Uvaper return policy:

> “Buyers Remorse"

> Items not covered by manufacturer's warranty

> Sending any items without a defective reason

> Any E-Juice or battery due to their volatile nature, except for DOA

> Cartomizers, Atomizer, or any Rebuildable device except for DOA

> Compatibility issues.  We encourage you to do your research on the item before purchasing it in order to ascertain the compatibility.

> Damage or failure as a result of improper/incorrect operating (refer to the user manual for operating instructions)

>Defects caused by normal wear and tear.

>Items without original sleeve that contains barcode/QR scratch off code.


**Due to the nature of any batteries, we will not carry any personal warranty for them beyond DOA. We encourage you to check each item as you receive them for accuracy and functionality.**


>Defective items may be returned within sixty days of the delivery date as indicated by your tracking information. Anything after will not be accepted.

>Return shipping is the responsibility of the customer, unless the incorrect product is sent by error by    Uvaper.

>All returns are subject to case by case exceptions. Please contact us if you are having a problem with a product  purchased from Uvaper and we will do our best to assist you.

We are not responsible for any loss, liability, damage (direct or indirect), personal injury, or expense of any nature that may occur to you or third party recipients due to the use of our items. Furthermore we are not liable for any of the previously mentioned scenarios that may occur due to our omission, delay, accidental, or inaccuracies of information stated on this website. We encourage every customer to research an item before purchasing it.

If you have any questions regarding our return policy, you can either Email us at service@uvaper.com or call at 253.236.5251.

By placing an order with UVaper you agree to our Terms and conditions including, but not limited to our return policy and other information displayed on this page.