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Uvaper is now also on the East Coast

Thursday, August 10, 2017 7:58:07 PM America/Kentucky/Monticello

UVAPER is proud to announce the opening of our new warehouse on the east coast. Starting on August 16th when visiting our website all you will need to do is enter you zip code to be directed to the warehouse that will fulfill your order the fastest. We have always prided ourselves on exceptional service and we believe that our new warehouse will allow us to serve you even better than before. Our new warehouse we will be able to ship same day and all orders on the east coast will be delivered in 1-3 days. If you are a east coast customer with store credit on the west coast site, you will find your store credit on the east coast site! Confirm on your account dashboard and contact us if you have any questions.Thank you for all of your support. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements.


East Coast website:


·         Same day shipping

·         1-3 day shipping on all orders

·         Orders over $1000 ship free

·         Largest inventory of products in the United States

·         The home of Aspire USA


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Posted By UVAPER

Naked Juice Customers!

Monday, June 19, 2017 7:19:21 PM America/Kentucky/Monticello

Uvaper has an exclusive offer for all existing Uvaper customers. To qualify, customers must have bought at least 50 bottles of Naked juice within the last 30 days.


If you do not currently qualify you can still get this promotion, by buying at least 50 bottles of Naked juice within next 30 days.


Receive a box of new juice made by Naked with 49 bottles (60ml) per box, an $800 value for FREE! Just pay shipping & handling.


If you would like to restock, it will cost you $6 per bottle. (Must be sold for $16 or more)


Available while supplies last. Call or email us for details on how to order.







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Posted By UVAPER

aspire Breeze

Wednesday, May 17, 2017 6:21:35 PM America/Kentucky/Monticello

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Posted By John Lee

Introducing Aspire's new Plato box mod and K series quick starter kits

Friday, March 4, 2016 9:48:48 PM America/Kentucky/Monticello

UVAPER will be the first in the U.S. to receive both products, Pre-order NOW !!!

Pre Orders will only be accepted through phone or email.

K Series will be available mid March, Plato due at the end of March.

Tier pricing available, shipping not included.


Order now to be the first to have these products !










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Posted By John Lee

Upgraded our Software System

Friday, October 9, 2015 12:57:23 PM America/Kentucky/Monticello

UVAPER is happy to announce we have upgraded our software system. This will allow us to provide improved service. UVAPER is also offering a limited time promotion! We will be offering free credit card transactions, same day shipping, and most shipping times will be 1-3 business days (except for few selected areas). Please take advantage of this limited time opportunity.


1. Removed Credit Card Fee


• All credit card fees are removed except for American Express.
• There will be a 2% charge for American Express.
• All American Express payments must call in to verify and process payment.


3. Same Day Shipping


• Orders placed before 1:00PM (PST) will be shipped the same day.
• Orders placed after 1:00PM (PST) will be shipped the following business day.


4. Shipping Times


• All orders will be shipped via UPS ground, UPS 3-day select, or USPS priority mail.
• Except for very few selected areas, most shipments will have a transit time of 1-3 business days.


5. Importing Fee Removed (Since Dec. 2014)


• 10% importing fees are removed for all Aspire products.
• Advantages of ordering from Aspire USA

° All products shipped from our warehouse located in the USA.

° No prepayment & convenient payment methods.

° No leading or production time.

° No international, customs duty tax, and customs withholdings.

° Aspire USA is the first to have new Aspire products available for purchase.



UVAPER (Aspire USA) Team



*Restrictions may apply. Contact UVAPER for more details.
** This offer only available for domestic US customers.
*** A 1% shipping insurance fee will be applied on all orders.





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Posted By John Lee

UVAPER System Modification

Wednesday, September 23, 2015 7:57:39 PM America/Kentucky/Monticello

Over the next 10 days, UVAPER will initiate an integration of a new software. This software will allow website, point of sale, payment gateway, and logistics to respond as one. This change will assure greater transparency and major improvement in the order process with our wholesale program.


 New updates & features: 

>Checkout directly from our website with credit/debit card payment.
>Streamlining the shipping process to improve accuracy and efficiency of packing process.
>Up to date product quantities and updates for all items on the website.
>Additional shipping method with protection service options.
>Automatic tracking updates with tracking numbers back to the website.
>Updates through the order process allow you to follow your order.


The new improved service will be available soon! During this transition please be patient with us as we may run into unexpected technical issues that we will correct as swiftly as possible. Please report any issues you may run into so we can improve this new system.


Aspire USA (UVAPER) Team





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Posted By John Lee

In Stock! Aspire Atlantis / Triton OCC Temperature Sensing Nickel Coil

Wednesday, August 12, 2015 12:34:55 PM America/Kentucky/Monticello

Aspire OCC Temperature Sensing Nickel Coil, manufactured by Aspire.

These replacement atomizers bring the popular temperature sensing technology to the Atlantis & Triton tank users.

Replacement atomizers feature:  Coils wrapped from Ni200 nickel wire at 0.15 ohms with organic cotton wicking

allow users to adjust the temperature of their coils with appropriate devices.

These coils are intended to be used only on devices capable of temperature sensing.


These nickel coils are now available for purchase!
You will receive a free Aspire temperature sensing nickel coil with a purchase of every Atlantis V2 tank.


To place an order, please visit our homepage, under “New Arrival” section.
Price and further information will be available to the customers with active wholesale accounts.
New customers must first apply for the wholesale program by email at




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Posted By John Lee

UVAPER introduces the Pegasus, Odyssey Kit, and newest 18650 2500mAh ICR Battery

Tuesday, July 21, 2015 1:25:21 PM America/Kentucky/Monticello

Once again, UVAPER will be the first to have these items announced and available for purchase.

Aspire’s newest items will be available in early August. Please place our preorders now to

ensure you receive your preorders.

All preorders will be processed in chronological order.


To place your order, please visit our homepage  under  “Preorder” section.

Price and further information will be available to the customers with wholesale account.


New customers please apply for wholesale program at

Product information about new products are below.










18650 Battery (20A 2500mAh)



Aspire 18650 3.7V 2500mAh rechargeable battery cells is made for normal discharge current(max. 20A) applications. High capacity(2500mAh) provide vapers much longer run time than any standard ICR battery. It is an excellent choice for people who are looking for normal drain ICR 18650 battery cells.



       1.  ICR 18650 3.7V Li-ion
       2.  Pulsed discharge:40A
       3.  Continuous Discharge:20A
       4.  Capacity: 2500mah


       .Charge fully before first use.
       .Never use force to install (insert) li-ion battery.
       .Use only high quality battery chargers.
       .Do not expose to heat. 
       .Do not short positive, and negative contacts.
       .Never charge battery over 4.29V (another reason to use good battery charger).
       .Do not charge unattended.
       .Do not store your li-ion batteries fully charged (for extended period of time).  
       .Store in cold and dry place at approximately 3.7V (storage charge).
       .For best results (long life), charge the battery as soon as you know it is discharged.

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Posted By John Lee

Triton and Atlantis coils are interchangeable!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015 3:11:58 PM America/Kentucky/Monticello

Triton and Atlantis coils are interchangeable!


Aspire Triton 0.4 and 1.8ohm coils are now instock.


As told by Aspire's production team, the Triton 0.3ohm coils has been delayed due to a material deficiency.


Atlantis and Triton coils are compatible with both Triton and Atlantis Tanks. Customers who wish to use


0.3ohm coils on the Triton Tank may use the Atlantis version as a replacement.


Aspire is the only company to produce a subohm tank with a large variety of coils, 0.3, 0.4, 0.5, 1.0,


1.8ohms. This provides all consumers, from beginner to advanced, their preference of coil.




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Posted By John Lee

Uvaper release Electrode premium wires

Thursday, June 11, 2015 1:16:00 PM America/Kentucky/Monticello

Uvaper release Electrode premium wires

This Premium competiton wire is light years beyond standard kanthal wire and will ensure your rebuildable devices working at their maximum potential.



    1. Fast heating + Flexible wire
    2. 94% surgical food grade steel
    3. 6% Non-coated Nickel
    4. Available in gauges ranging from 16,18,20,22,24,26, & 28
    5. Available in 6ft or 15ft rolls. Both come with 2 sheets of Organic Japanese Cotton Ohms per inch = 0.1


Electrode wires, feel the power of lightening in your hands.


** Please contact for sample unit.

   Sample request will only be available with open orders.






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Posted By John Lee

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